Entertainment Site Jokeroo Review

Entertainment Site Jokeroo Review

Jokeroo is an entertaining website that allows users of the site who register to upload their cute, funny and newsworthy videos and photos. The site currently has a wide variety of entertaining content.  It’s also very easy to make money on Jokeroo.com:

Jokeroo Site Review

Jokeroo pays $10 for uploaded content that is selected to be featured on the front page.  Quality uploaded content that is selected include cute cat and dog videos, funny videos, or news worthy videos.  Users can REACT! on videos in order to help to get their own content on the front page, thus enabling them to receive their cash faster.  For example, they can note that a video or photo is cute or cool. Jokeroo pays 10 cents for Reactions or Facebook likes, with a maximum 5 each per 24-hour interval.  In addition, they also pay $25 for every friend referral.  To receive money, users must live in Canada, USA, Australia, UK or any EU nation.  A minimum payment threshold amount of $50 is required to be paid, and payment is via PayPal.  The maximum lifetime limit in earnings is currently $10 000.

A fun site to use and to enjoy.  Register yourself today on the site in order to easily make money online with Jokeroo.

Disclosure: This was a sponsored post. The above information is subject to change, depending on Terms at Jokeroo.