Cut the Fat From Your Freelancing Business

Cut the Fat From Your Freelancing Business

The internet has enabled freelancers and small businesses compete with the “big guys.”  We are able to be noticed without a million dollar marketing campaign.  You can have an online business up and running within 24 hours.  As the ease of entry becomes higher so does the competition.   As we approach a new year, it’s time to think about our business strategy.  As an online business owner, you are faced with hundreds of short, medium and long-term decisions.  Should I hire an employee?  Should I outsource some design work?  Should I spend money on advertising?  Should I cut down on some services?  Wait…get rid of some services?  That will only kill your business.  No it won’t, hear me out.

If you are a freelancer or solely own your own business you have to know your priorities.  You don’t have the man power to do 50 things in one day.  The bottom line in business is making money and creating cash flow.  You have to do things that make money for your business.  You need to provide value but you don’t need to make EVERYONE happy.  You need to make the people you want to service happy.

As a Freelancer, you will have to market your services; whether it’s print ads or web design.  Whatever the case is you should niche down your services.  By this I mean provide and market the services that bring you the most satisfaction and income.  You don’t need to advertise 20 services just to look professional.  There is alot of money being exchanged online, many people will be happy to pay you for your 1 or 2 quality services.   Let’s take an example, if you are creating design work for print, why not section it down to just brochures.  You can concentrate on just this service, you will become more skilled and desirable.  In addition, you can work to streamline the process of your design which will save you time and money.

I see too many people in the business that want to do everything.  By everything, I mean anything you can think of.  They want to be the jack of all trades.  If you talk to these kinds of people they can offer you the world.  If you have a problem, they can fix it before you explain what the problem is.  STOP!  Make what your best at the top priority.  Do that well and you will have a success business year after year.

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