30 Creative Ways To Market a Blog

30 Creative Ways To Market a Blog

The key to a successful blog is quality traffic coming from various avenues.  A blog can have terrific content and value but without any traffic; the site is nothing.  There are so many ways you can drive people to come visit your site, online and offline.  Of course there are much more than 30 ways to market a blog, but below are some quality ways that work if done correctly.

1.  Comments: A great way to gain exposure and potential traffic is commenting on blogs in the same niche.  Be aware though, there is a fine line with being spammy and being part of the community.  Leave quality comments if you want to be part of a community.

2. Twitter: Taking advantage of social media sites like Twitter is an easy way to build traffic.   Follow people in your industry and they might follow you back.  Also, announce a published post on Twitter w/ hashtags with your keywords.

3.  Business Cards: Keeping a stash of business cards is a effective method to gain traffic to your site.  If your at a networking event or run into someone who has a similar blog or business, just exchange cards.

4.  Craigslist: If you offer a service as part of your blog, advertising on CL is a free and effective way to gain customers.

5.  Guest Posting: Writing for larger blogs has its advantages.  Whether its paid or not, you will get a link back to your blog when you write a post for a popular blog in your niche.

6.  Send a Facebook Message: Send a Facebook message with all your friends stating to check out a new blog that might interest them.  More than likely, you can get them to visit your blog immediately after seeing the message.

7.  Run a competition: You can run a contest for a certain amount of time to get viral traffic.  Have your readers Tweet about it, their friends will retweet and so on.  If done effectively, you should gain a good chunk of traffic.

8.  Email Signature: Include your blog’s URL in your email signature.  Each time an email is sent, there is a potential visit to your blog.

9.  Create T-shirts: Create a t-shirt with your logo and URL.  Give them out to your friends and family.  Maybe even send a shirt to Shoemoney.

10.  Search Yahoo! Answers: Find questions that relate to your blog’s topic and answer them.  Helping out others can pay dividends.

11.  Create a video on Youtube: Youtube already has a huge amount of traffic.  Create a video regarding your niche and post on Youtube with great keywords.

12.  Give something away for free: Give something away but make sure you link that something with your blog’s URL.  For example, for this blog, I would create a free WordPress theme but link my URL in the footer.

13.  Digg and Stumble it: Digg and StumbleUpon are great ways to gain massive amounts of traffic with just one post!

14.  Optimize your photos: When you insert an image on your blog, make sure you add a name to the alt tag.  When people search on Google images, these photos will show up.  Otherwise your photo will read something like “5158.jpg”

15.  Update your Facebook status: Just like retweeting on Twitter, after you publish a post, update your Facebook status with the link.

16.  Engage in forums: Forums are for people seeking info.  Answer some questions, reply to comments, and offer advice on forums related to your blog topic.  Don’t forget to add a URL to your profile.

17.  Exchange Links: Reach out to some blogs in your industry about exchanging URL’s.  Alot of times, owners of blogs would be happy to list your domain name in exchange for their domain name to be listed on your site.

18.  Add URL to Screensaver & Desktop: If you use the computer lab at your school, a great way to get people to visit your site is by adding your URL to the school’s screensaver and desktop.

19.  Create controversy: Controversy sells, why not take advantage of it.  There are so many ways you can create controversy in the internet age.  Think creative but don’t over do it so that every Blogger despises you.

20.  Make stickers: Create your own stickers with your logo and blog’s URL.  Stick them everywhere  and hand them out whenever you can.

21.  Local Newspaper: Place an ad in your local newspaper.  Print ads are nearly extinct but they do work on occasion (depending on your topic).

22.  Freelance & Follow up: Find work on sites like Elance and post your URL when bidding for a job.  It’s a slow way to create traffic but it works.  Plus, you might be able to squeeze some extra income on the side.

23.  Create a lense at Squidoo: Squidoo is a great online resource that let’s you create lenses for a particular topic.  Based on the search of your article, you can create quality traffic.

24.  Vehicle lettering: Create a large print ad that you can stick to your car.  Every time you cruise, you will also be promoting your blog.  Make it catchy so that the viewer remembers it after they are done driving.

25.  Write product reviews: Write product reviews for sites like Amazon and link back to your site.  A reader of the review might see a well thought out response and in turn visit your blog for more content.

26.  Introduce Yourself: Write out a well-thought out email explaining who you are and what your blog is about.  Send it to your email list or if you don’t have one, go to all the popular blogs and email them.

27.  Nike ID: Depending on how many letters your domain name is, you could create a shoe with it stitched on!  That would be considered the ultimate foot traffic.

28.  Spend Money: Don’t be afraid to spend some money on creative ads.  You can create a catchy ad for minimal costs through Adwords and Facebook.

29.  Brochure: Create a fun and creative brochure for your blog.  To save money you could do a PDF version.  Make sure you add relevant images, content and contact info.

30.  Write Articles: Similar to guest posting, but you will write an article and submit it to article directories such as ezine.  Submitting articles is a great way to get a link back and traffic back to your blog.

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