17 Eye-Catching Brochure Designs

17 Eye-Catching Brochure Designs

In the web design community we are use to branding ourselves online, but what about offline?  You can get your name or company out there w/o the use of the internet.  An effective and useful marketing technique is creating brochures.  A brochure design has to be unique, well-thought out, eye-catching and have all the right info.  This roundup is a collection of 17 print brochures that caught my attention.

1.  Graphic Water Company Brochure

2.  St. Patrick’s Festival 2009 Brochure

3.  Naneu Pro Brochure

4.  Yahoo! Search Marketing Brochure

5.  Rebrand Brochure

6.  Redbox Brochure

7.  Unicer Corporate Brochure

8.  Simplicity Works Brochure

9.  Mosiac Brochure

10.  Tutoring Center Brochure

11.  Altus Brochure

12.  Leon Brochure

13.  Biolab Profile Brochure

14.  Al Odaid Kit

15.  Desert Towers Brochure

16.  Hardware Store Brochure

17.  Hitaga Camp Brochure

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