10 High Quality Photoshop Brick Textures

10 High Quality Photoshop Brick Textures

Brick textures can be used very often on certain design projects.  Real life things can make a website, logo or any kind of design stand out with a professional appeal.  This collection of brick textures are some high quality images with different styles from worn out to clean patio bricks.

1.  Brick Road 2 Texture

2.  Brick Texture by !Hero-wanted

red brick texture

3.  Sidewalk in Venice

Sidewalk_in_Venice Photoshop Texture

4.  Seamless Brick Wall Texture by cfrevoir

Seamless Brick Wall Texture

5.  Old Brick Wall Texture

old brick wall texture

6.  Brick Patio Textures

brick patio textures

7.  Brick Patterns 2

8.  Brick Patterns 1

Brick Patterns Photoshop Gimp

9.  Brick Wall Textures


10.  Another Brick in the Wall Texture


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