17 Articles to Get You Started Monetizing a Blog

17 Articles to Get You Started Monetizing a Blog

One of the greatest advantages of working online, more specifically blogging, is that you have the ability to make an unlimited amount of money.  You aren’t capped at $20 per hour.  Your blog is up 24/7 with the potential of making dollars each second.  But hold on, far too many people think you can just put up a site and watch the money role in.  This is far from the truth, it takes alot of hard work, time and discipline to make a decent amount online.  To get you started, I found these 20 articles beneficial for anyone wanting to start monetizing their blog.

1. Powerful Ways To Make Money (Income Diary):  Michael shows us how to monetize a blog by selling e-books, memberships, courses and job boards.

2. How I Monetized My Blog and How You Can Too (Income Diary): Michaels gives us a personal peak into his methods of monetizing his successful blog.

3. How to REALLY Profit From Your Blog (Smart Passive Income):  Pat shows us the truth about making money online without having to resort to Adsense.

4. Insider Secrets to a Making Million Dollar Website! (Zac Johnson):  Zac reveals how he made a killing off one of his Myspace websites.

5. 10 New Ways To Make Money Online (Web Worker Daily): 10 ways to make money without affiliate marketing or selling stuff on Ebay.

6. How I Wrote a $30,000 E-Book (And you can too) (Viper Chill): Glen takes us through the exact steps in writing his successful ebook, Cloud Living.

7. 30 Real Ways To Make Money Blogging (Blogussion):  A complete list of resources to make money from beginner to problogger.

8. 101 Ways to Monetize Your Blog Without Irritating Your Readers (Inside CRM): An extensive list on how to monetize a blog without being too pushy about it.

9. My Top 7 Blog Monetization Methods (Entrepreneurs-Journey): Yaro, a successful blogger, tells us his ways he makes the big bucks.

10.  Top 10 Blog Monetization Strategies, Ranked in Order (David Risley): Another successful Blogger, David ranks his top monetization methods to make money from blogs.

11. Monetize Your Blog Based On Traffic Type (Quick Online Tips):  A helpful article about monetizing your blog when you get traffic from different avenues.

12. 10 Ways to Monetize a Design Blog (Designm.ag): If you run a design blog, this article will help you effectively make money from it.

13. Want To Get Advertisers On Your Blog/Vlog? Go and GET IT! (Gary Vaynerchuk): The enthusiastic, Gary, explains on video to be a go getter and get advertisers yourself.

14. A Reality Check about Blogging for Money (Problogger): The highly-successful and most liked guys in the blogging industry, Darren Rowse, explains the real truth about what it takes to make real money from a blog.

15. How to Make Money Blogging: 7 strategies to help you get started immediately (DoshDosh): This articles reveals the benefits and disadvantages of 7 proven ways to make money from blogging.

16.  How to Make Money From Your Blog (Steve Pavlina): Steve has a very popular site generating about $40,000 per month (might be more now, this he revealed a couple years ago).  The personal development blogger explains the basics of the thinking process and what needs to happen to make money from a blog.

17.  Top 10 WordPress Plugins to Monetize Your Blog (Cats Who Blog):  If you are using WordPress as a blogging platform, this article will help you use the necessary plugins to manage your ads.  A great way to be hands off and make money at the same time is to use beneficial plugins, like explained  in this article.

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