What a 1 Year Old Can Teach You About Blogging

What a 1 Year Old Can Teach You About Blogging

I look at my son, who just turned 1, and watch him play and not have a care in the world.  I selfishly look with envy as he enjoys the many simple pleasures he’s learned to love over the past year.  He runs around the house throwing stuff, smiling, dancing, pooping, etc.  He hasn’t experienced any of life’s obstacles yet; hasn’t got his heart broken, hasn’t had to pay any bills, hasn’t had the feeling of losing.    Right now, he is having fun on his own terms.

I look down while he’s running around and know that one day he will get to experience all of life’s pleasures and difficulties.  Until then he is just a sweet innocent boy laughing with the game of life.

The point of this post isn’t to tell you about my son but what you and I can learn from him.  I’ve been watching him for a tad bit over 365 days and below are some of my observations that we can learn from him to become a better Blogger.

Cry for help

When you need something from someone, speak up!  Nobody is going to hear you if you remain silent.  Go after your readers, cry for their attention.  If you just speak to be heard your blog won’t explode but if you cry someone is bound to pick you up

Be curious

My son is a very curious little baby.  You can see the little gears rotating in his head as he picks up one of his toys.  He doesn’t just look at something, he tries to analyze and learn it.  The next time you are browsing the internet for fun, why not learn something in the process.

It’s Ok to fall down but just get right up

My son is in an important stage in the development process, he’s walking!  It’s great seeing him strut his stuff throughout the house but every once in a while…BAM!  He takes a dinger.  He’s fallen so many times that its become a part of our daily lives now.  He usually doesn’t cry about it, he just gets right up.  This is a very important trait you should learn.  No matter what the obstacle, if something negative happens to you…don’t wait…get right up!

Don’t be afraid to take interact with others

When I drop my son off at day care, he immediately starts to play with his peers, he loves it.  As a Blogger you probably play (work) by yourself alot.  Try going out and interacting with other Blogger’s.  An alternative would be to interact online with other Blogger’s.  You should find the time to bounce some ideas off someone else.

Don’t wipe your own boogies

Baby’s always have runny noses that they can’t blow.  So the parents usually walk around with  Kleenex in their hands waiting to wipe every second.  During the time the Mom’s are wiping the child’s nose, the child continues to play.  What can we learn?  Outsource.  Have someone else do the dirty work while you concentrate on what you want to do.  If you need a bunch of data inputted, find someone on Craigslist or Elance to do it for you.  You don’t need to be wasting your time wiping your own boogies.

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