Top 25 Universities and their Web Designs

Top 25 Universities and their Web Designs

Today I was browsing the internet and came across a list of the best universities in the U.S. as ranked by U.S. News (click here for the article).  I thought it would be interesting to showcase the respective universities websites.  As you can see below, some are in need of improvement while others remain with the trend as far as web design goes.  Your thoughts?

1. Harvard University

2.  Princeton University

3.  Yale University

4.  Columbia University

T-5.  Stanford University

T-5. University of Pennsylvania

T-7.  California Institute of Technology

T-7.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology

9.  Dartmouth College

T-9.  Duke University

T-9.  University of Chicago

12.  Northwestern University

T-13.  Johns Hopkins University

T-13.  Washington University in St. Louis

T-15.  Brown University

T-15.  Cornell University

T-17.  Rice University

T-17.  Vanderbilt University

19.  University of Notre Dame

20.  Emory University

21.  Georgetown University

22.  University of California – Berkeley

T-23.  Carnegie Mellon University

T23.  University of Southern California

25.  University of California – Los Angeles

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