20 Fantastic Black and White Logos

20 Fantastic Black and White Logos

Today’s logo showcase is of twenty beautiful, simple black and white logos.  Now most logos, especially on the web, make use of color variations.  For a designer to create a logo in just black and white, it needs to be able to send a message in a simple and effective way.  Many of the logos that I came across were left off the list because they didn’t have any meaning behind the design.  These 20 logos below can be of great use to get inspired in creating a simple logo for your next client.

1.  Bee

2.    Edge

3.   Optical Strength

4.  Kotton

5.  Black Dog

6.  Sushi

7.  Anima Soma

8.  Culinary Zen

9.  Pelican

10.  Version 2

11.  Creative Pill

12.  Hug A Panda

13.  Loop

14.  Veriation Music

15. On Wine

16.   Pencil

17.  Georgian Film

18.  Martini House

19.  Night Golf

20.  Jungle

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