15 Timeless Photoshop Fails

15 Timeless Photoshop Fails

The best way to learn sometimes is to see a mistake.  Photoshop is a powerful design tool but without attention to detail, you can destroy a print ad, webpage, sign, etc.  Below are 15 great examples of Photoshop mistakes that you can learn from.  Let me note that these aren’t created by a 13 y/o newbie sitting in his mom’s basement; large corporations are making these mistakes!

1.  She’s so smokin’ that she only needs one leg to grab attention.

2. Did he fall off?

3. Should have hit the undue button after using the eraser tool too much.

4.  I know Lindsay Lohan has lost her mind but at least throw her a belly button!

6.  Microsoft is trying to be more diverse.

7.  I wonder if he would of dunked it if the guy on the chair had a head!

8.  Holy Crap!  Get Off Me!

8.  Am I more shocked that this magazine used the guy twice or am I more amazed that someone actually caught this mistake?

9.  I think they need to move a couple layers so that the children are inside the bounce house.  Nice job Walmart!

10.  Another mistake by Walmart.  Your loves the magic wand tool a bit too much (look at how fake the plant looks).

11.  Must be a pricey home when you have 2  views of the sunset.

12.  Nintendo couldn’t afford to purchase the iStock photo.

13.  Did he rob the house or something?  Why is he trying to get from zero to 90 mph in zero seconds?

14.  Um?  Some designer had a brain fart.

15.  Is she 186 pounds with or without the leg?

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