15 Artistic Infographic Designs

15 Artistic Infographic Designs

Informational Graphics are graph visual representations of data or knowledge.  It’s a nice way of looking at information without having to analyze each piece of data.  In this collection I’ve scoured the internet for some cool and fun infographics that have both great info and a unique visual appeal.

1. The Browser Wars

2. Coffee Drinks Illustrated

3. Facebook vs. Twitter

4. Burning Fuel: The average car vs. the average human

5. You Are What You Eat: Japanese Bloodtyping

6.  Student Budget

7.  History Lesson: The Story of Beer

8.  Google Pagerank Explained

9.  Visualizing Alcohol Use

10.  On Driving

11.  Piggy Trouble

12.  Building a Company With Social Media

13.  Who’s Buying What?

14.  Are We Over the Worst?

15.  The Magic Bean Shop // The Fries That Bind Us

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