Down and Out, Now Up and Inspired

Down and Out, Now Up and Inspired

[ad#ad-1]For those of you who visited this site in the latter part of June and the beginning of July, you probably noticed that I had been hacked!  This was not fun at all, it sucked actually.  The intrusion happened not through WordPress but through my host’s database.  I was hosted on Dreamhost but have recently switched to Host Gator.  I’ve heard many great things from reputable individuals about Host Gator, so I gave them a shot.  As for Dreamhost, they pose some serious risks as far as their security.  I’m not sure exactly how my site was hacked but I do know it would’ve been avoided if their security was stricter.

What’s next, I got hacked.  It’s frustrating.  Time to move on.  Over the last week or so I’ve been transferring my backup WP database over to the new host.  It’s very important that you back up your stuff, I’m lucky to be able to retrieve my posts, images, links, etc.  As you can see, I’m 95% complete with the transfer process.

It may be a blessing in disguise as I have new plans on improving this site for my readers.  In the short future, I will be offering a free blog setup service along with a couple other customization packages and e-book.  I’m very excited to offering more value to you guys.  Stay tuned for the new updates!

Some Lessons I learned from the Theme Today hack.

  1. Backup – have a set day in the week where you backup your database.
  2. Tackle the problem ASAP – I have to be honest, I dragged my feet when this site got hacked.  I had a company try to fix it but they never did, so I became proactive and did it myself.
  3. Make your WP site secure – In order to prevent the problem of your site being hacked into, you need to have a strong password and secure your site from the evil people known as hackers.  I will write about taking measures in order to secure your site next week.
  4. Upgrade to the latest WP version – After I got violated, I did my research and found that many people were hacked into because of the security flaws of older versions of WordPress.  In order to be one of these victims, I highly suggest you upgrade WP immediately after release.  That means if you’re reading this, you should be running version 3.0.

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