Improve Thesis With Free and Premium Skins

Improve Thesis With Free and Premium Skins

Thesis for WordPress is a powerful framework that let’s you back-off of any SEO work you may encounter.  It’s especially coded to work and improve your search engine rankings with all major browsers.  In addition, the Thesis theme let’s you customize your layout dimensions, content placement, tags and much more.  For more details visit this post.

If Thesis has any drawbacks it would be its overall look.  Many websites I come across have the same white layout with similar type fonts used.  I believe there is a great market for Thesis themes.  With this said, there are some existing skins available to work with the framework.  Below are the best themes, in my opinion,  available free and at a cost.

Blogussion – $44.95 – I use this theme on one of my sites and it comes highly recommended.  There are a handful of color schemes you can chose from, the layout is well organized and runs seamlessly with Thesis.

Simple Life – free

Exhibit Skin – free

Thesis Grunge – $45

Thesis Bold – free

Thesis Magazine – $49.95

Thesis Sharp – free

Pure Blog – $45

Thesis Play – $60

Simple Press – $40

Print is Dead – $50

Serious Business – $50

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