50 Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog

50 Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog

1. Add Images – Yes, content is king but appearance is second.  Spice up your posts with some images to break up the content.

2. Create “About Me” page – let people know the real you.  Tell us some unique things about you.

3.  Fix broken links – Go to this site and verify any broken links to fix; do it yourself or hire someone.

4. Sell it – Sell your blog to someone who wants it, that’s a great way to better your blog.

5. Add Social Profiles – If you don’t have Twitter or Facebook then its time you should; do it for the blog.  When you do, use some social media plugins to connect with your readers.

6. Switch to a Premium theme – If your using a free WordPress theme, maybe it’s time to upgrade to a premium theme.

7. Give Something Away For Free – People love free stuff, why not give them something of value for free!  Maybe an ebook??

8. Guest Post – guest post on another, more popular blog in your niche.  This is a great way to build traffic and network.

9. Q & A – depending on your traffic, having a question and answer session is a nice way of engaging with your visitors.

10. Check Spelling – We are all human, everyone makes mistakes.  Nice little cliche, try your best to spell everything right; nothing worse than multiple typos on a post or page.

11. Ease up on the ads – I don’t want something popping up every time I hover over a word.  Don’t let your content drowned in ads.

12.  Create a “recommend” page  – Why not have a page for your recommended products that you use.  I have one where I swear by anything I recommend.

13. Stop checking stats – instead write awesome content.  This rule applies to new blogs especially, it’s very discouraging to only see 4 visits.  Content and interaction will bring in plenty of traffic.

14. Get your own domain – If you are on wordpress.com or blogger.com, it’s time to get your own domain to look more professional and be brandable.

15. Post Consistently – Nothing is worse than visiting a site and viewing their last post and it’s from 3 months ago!  Whether you post daily or weekly, just be consistent.

16. Comment on other blogs – Interaction is key.  Go around to other blogs and comment on their post.  Make sure you link back to your site.

17. Don’t comment on other blogs – if you quickly write “nice artcle.”  Be more in depth so it doesn’t look like spam.

18. Have a voice – don’t sound like a robot in your writing.  Just be you.

19.  Use timestamp – When you feel inspired and you can bang out several articles then you should.  Schedule them to publish on your regular schedule.

20. Don’t quit over money – Don’t quit or get discouraged if you blog isn’t generating the money you hoped for.  It takes time to become successful.

21. Be patient – Along the lines of the above, take one day at a time.  Most successful blogs don”t become a success in a day, week or 3 months; it takes many months/years to be a success.

22. Make a top list – This is popular in the design community, a top list showcases the best of the best in a particular topic.  It’s an easy read and entertaining.

23. Change your sidebar – If you think your sidebar is boring, add some widgets like popular posts.

24. Run a contest – Give something away for commenting, subscribing or retweeting.

25. Ask – ask your readers, friends, family what they would like to see change on your site.

26. Step Away – from the computer and grab a coffee or go for a walk.  Its not healthy, mentally or physically, to be sitting in front of a couple for hours.

27. Learn Something New – and write a blog post about it.

28. Stop reading other blogs – instead build online relationships and focus on your site.

29. Add a Sitemap – A great way for search engines to recognize your pages.  If you are using WordPress there are many plugins that will organize this for you.

30.  Redesign logo – a logo should say something about your  site. Do it yourself or pay someone if you don’t have web graphic experience.

31. Be done for the day – Sometimes the best thing to do is stop tweaking and step away from your site.

32. Submit to directories – This is a good way for search engines like Google and Yahoo to recognize your site.

33. Fix permalinks – visit this post to do so.

34. Create mailing list – I don’t have one ( I should), but most pro-bloggers swear by having a mailing list you increase readership and revenue.

35.  Fix your workspace – In order to be more productive clean up your workspace.

36.  Create a favicon You know the little icon up top?  Yeah, you should have one to look more professional.

37. Eat Healthy – In order to be on top of your game today you need to eat right! Don’t eat foods that will leave you sluggish.  Instead of a McDonalds 1/3lb burger, grab a piece of fruit.

38. Spend Money – buy an ad spot to increase traffic.

39. Link to others – link out to some articles that you find interesting

40. Backup – it’s important to have a scheduled backup for you files.

41. Interview Someone – Another great way to reach out to someone is to interview them with some quality questions.  Shoot an email over to a person in your niche, most would be glad to answer a few questions.

42. Check in on your competition – You should know who your competing with and every once in a while you should keep tabs on what they are doing.

43. Turn the TV off – You can get alot done when you don’t have any distractions.  Instead of watching Seinfeld, make a quality post for you blog.

44. Retweet – this is similar to an outgoing link only you are using your Twitter profile to shout out an article

45. Visit with someone – have some real interaction with a friend or client, bounce some ideas off of eachother.  This will give you more to write about when you sit down to write a post.

46.  Take a shower – its weird but I do my best thinking in the shower so this is a personal suggest for you.

47. Expand – expand your blog with a possible sister site.  For example, the Envato network has PSDTuts, Nettuts and so on.

48.  Share personal happenings – maybe you are a recent Dad, share it with us!

49.  Write the old fashioned way – grab a pen and paper and write a post (journal entry).  Sometimes its nice to write without hitting keys!

50. Do you!  – It’s your blog, you don’t have to listen to anyone!  You can ignore these tips if  you want.  The most important thing is to be yourself.

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