20 Brilliant Adobe Logo Tutorials

20 Brilliant Adobe Logo Tutorials

A great logo is important when your talking about standing out and being brandable.  From the simplest logo (Nike swoosh) to the more complex, a logo needs to be an extension of your company.  In my opinion, a brilliant logo is one that you can look at and know what company it represents and their credibility.  Too many private businesses fall victim to weak logos and in turn get buried by their competition.  I’ve compiled some of the best Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials the web has to offer.  Some are more complex than others but with the designers step-by-step process you should be able to deliver the final results.

Origami Logo - An elegant tutorial on how to make an origami styled logo

Music Logo with Grunge Background – A great tutorial from PSD Tuts showing you a 14 step tutorial on how to make a logo on a grunge background.

Firefox Logo – A Photoshop tutorial on how to create a scalable Firefox logo

Tweetbacks Logo - A rundown of how Jeff Finley created the Tweetbacks logo

Rainbow Logo with Warped Grids - A 10 step tutorial on using warped grids to create a vibrant logo

Blue Laguna Logo - A tutorial for a logo based off of a gaming website

New Media Business Logo - Learn how to create a glossy and professional looking business logo for a multimedia company.

Simple Vector Logo – Using font manipulation and custom shapes, pshero shows you how to make a simple logo (this one being for a realty company).

Cloud Logo – A simple yet effective tutorial on how to create a cloud inspired logo in Photoshop.

Paper Craft Text Effect Logo – A very detailed tutorial on how to make a logo that looks like it has been crafted using paper.

Illustrative Logo – A nice tutorial on how Big Bocca was created.

3D Glossy Box Logo – Photoshop tutorial on how to make a vibrant, glowing 3D box.

Environmentally Friendly Logo - An Adobe Illustrator tutorial on how to create a “going green” logo.

Euro 2008 Logo -  A straightforward tutorial on how to create the Euro 2008 soccer logo.

WebMynd Logo -  David Pache’s tutorial of a killer logo he created for a startup

Crazy Cool Logo - A very unique and modern logo created by Fabio Sasso of Abduzeedo.

Pepsi Logo – Using a pen tool, this tutorial shows how to make a replica Pepsi logo.

WordPress Logo – A tutorial on how to create a shiny, metallic, bad-ass WordPress logo

Professional Web Design Logo – A professional blue and grey logo tutorial.

Vivid Ways Logo -  A walkthrough of how Chris Spooner created the great-looking Vivid Ways logo.

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