10 Best Types of Posts For Your Blog

Blogging is simply writing and expressing yourself about a particular topic. Whether your writing about cars or Lego’s, it’s critical that you switch up the styling of your posts. You don’t want to fall victim to reader boredom. Personally speaking, below are the top type of posts I’ve used and seen succeed in the world of blogging.

1. Tutorials / Instructional / How-to guides

This type of post is very popular because you are telling someone how to do something. Millions of people are looking in Google to get instructions on how to solve their problem or issue. If you are an expert in your field or have done the necessary research to instruct someone in detail, you will receive great organic traffic.

2. Informational

Informational posts are very straightforward and to the point. You give a detailed and concise description on a particular subject. There are no opinions, just straight up facts. For example, if I had a car blog, an info post would be describing the new Nissan Murano and all the features, MSRP, where I can buy it and so on.

3. Lists

Lists are one of my favorite types of posts. Lists can be written in paragraphs or visually expressed. Examples of lists are “top ten…”, “50 Brilliant WP Themes”, “20 ways to make money from a blog”, etc. They can be simple like “5 free online editors” or they can be more in depth, “101 ways to market your blog.”

4. Reviews

Alot of people, before they try a product or service, tend to look up reviews. This is where you can come in. Reviewing a product or service provides value to the reader because you can give your opinion on the product. You can have a big influence on the consumer. The best way to review a product or service is to personally use it yourself and after give your honest opinion on it.

5. Inspirational

Inspirational posts motivate. These are popular because everyone likes to hear or read about success stories. For example, on this blog, an inspirational post would be documenting a WP designer who went from no knowledge of coding to making $250,000 in one year (just made it up, but inspirational right?).

6. Interviews

Interviewing a person who’s an expert or well-known in your niche is a great way to add variety to your blog. By simply sending off any email asking questions or creating a podcast, you can get an insightful look in to a subject. Make sure your questions are in depth and not stupid. An example of a great interview is this one from Income Diary.

7. Case Studies

Case studies are profiling a person or site. You write factual information on a particular person or a website and add your personal opinion on the side. A breakdown of a case study post (WP theme designer) could be – 1. Background info on the person 2. How they got started 3. Their designs 4. Their failed designs 5. How they impact the design industry.

8. Personal

I think it’s a good idea to write a personal post every now and then. Possibly write about any going-on’s in your current life. Maybe your a new Father? Or maybe, you took a job at Apple? Maybe you quit your job to be a full-time Freelancer? Whatever you write about make it personal so that readers know your human.

9. Reports

This is popular among Make-Money-Blogs. I remember reading John Chow’s blog for his monthly income reports. Every month he would publish his blog’s earnings; it was inspirational to see him going from $300 to $35,000 per month. Reports are a good way to keep loyal readers sticking around.

10. Rant/Complain

Controversy sells. Just go ape-sh*t about something that is bothering you; it’s good therapy.

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