How To Add an Image To WordPress Sidebar

How To Add an Image To WordPress Sidebar

There will be times when you will need to add an image to your blog’s sidebar. An image can enhance or be needed for your blog.  Whether you just want a simple jpeg photo or maybe you want an ad to show up, I’ll help you do that in this tutorial.   Adding an image can be done in a couple ways; widgets or editor.

Add an Image Using Widgets

1. Go to “Media” -> “Add New”

2. Upload and copy the File URL into:

<img title=”TITLE OF IMAGE” src=”FILEURL” alt=”” width=”125″ height=”125″ />

3.  Go to “Appearance” -> “Widgets”

4. Drag and drop the “Text” widget to the sidebar

5. Copy and paste the above HTML into the text box

Add an Image Through WP Editor

1.  Repeat steps 1 & 2 from above

2. Go to “Appearance” -> “Editor”

3.  Then click “Sidedbar.php” under Theme Files (on the right side)

4.  Copy and paste the HTML code into the file (Each file is slightly different.  If your a beginner I would copy and paste the original code into Word then play around with the positioning of your image).

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