How to Add a Favicon in WordPress Blog

How to Add a Favicon in WordPress Blog

A favicon is a 16×16 pixel square that is associated with your website, it usually appears in the address bar, tabs and bookmarks.  The benefits of having a favicon on your site is professionalism and identity.  Recognition is the key to getting repeat traffic and if they don’t associate your logo/favicon than they will skip over to the next blog.

Here is how to install a favicon on your WordPress blog:

1. Generate a .jpg or .gif graphic or use a photo from the web:  It doesn’t matter what size it is, as long as the photo you created or found reflects your site and its identity.  After you find something you like, save it to your computer.

2. Use a Favicon Generator to convert the image: Find a free service like this to convert your image to 16×16 pixels with .ico extension.  You’ll need to download this image on your computer also.

3. Rename it: If it’s not already named “favicon.ico” then rename it now.

4. Log in to your FTP and find the Favicon file: In most cases this is what you’ll need to do.  Click on “wp-content–>”themes” –>”Your theme”–>”Images”.

5. Upload the new favicon: Make sure the new favicon has the same file name, most likely “favicon.ico.   This should be the final step and if you did it correctly you will see the favicon on your site.