The 50 Best Photoshop Effects and Tutorials

The 50 Best Photoshop Effects and Tutorials

Photoshop has continued to be the leader in creating innovated, awesome, unique designs and effects.  I’ve compiled a collection of the best Photoshop creations on the web by various graphic artists .  The best part of all these great art work is that they have the tutorials to back them up.  The photos you see in this list are the final results of the tutorials.

3D Text

Age Progression

Grass Texture

Explosive Typographic Effects in Cinema 4D

Photo To Pencil Sketch

Mold Paint Splatter to Face

Abstract Sea on Land Illusion

Sparkling Hot Girl

Master 3D Type Effects

Swirl Mania

Turning an Image into a Beautiful Paint

Milk Typography Effect

Frozen Liquid Effect

Green Planet

Luminescent Lines

Smokin Woman

Stunning Sneaker Advert

Animal King Photo Manipulation

Realistic IES Lighting Effect

1980’s Type Effect

Apply Textures to Uneven Surfaces

3D Text on Fire

Pop Art Tutorial

Galactic Poster Design

Slow Motion Bullet Shot Effect

Master Special Finishes

Magic Night

3D Pixel Stretch Effect

Sunglasses Reflection

iPhone Gift Ribbon Effect

Fiery Face Explosion

Energy Spheres

Dynamic Soccer Effect

Distortion Effects

Reflective Liquid Typography

Realistic Water Reflection

Cool Advertisement

Abstract Watercolor Wallpaper

Green Text Effect

Magic Lighting Effect

Futuristic Athlete

Flaming Sword

Glowing Neon Girl

Transform Someone into a Water Elemental

Midnight Magic

Imaginative, Magical Painted Scene

Blending Human Head into Tree

Ice Text Effect

Constant Slip

Imaginary Paint Dancers

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