If Tiger Woods Were a Blogger He Would…

If Tiger Woods Were a Blogger He Would…

Tiger Woods the golf legend, man behind many ads, stand-up guy, family man, a true gentleman and one of the most adored athletes of our time.  This description could have been said a month ago without any backlash.  Today, not so much.  Currently he’s known as a cheat, liar, fraud, bastard, two-faced…the lists goes on and on.  We all have our opinions on Tiger’s situation and I’ll leave that up to the gossip sites and the friendly get togethers over the Holidays.  But this entire situation does have me thinking, what if Tiger Woods were a professional Blogger?  He most likely would…


Gain success for his content – Tiger is well-known for being great at his “job,” the game of golf.  If he were a Blogger, Tiger would be great at writing valuable content with the world.  He would work out every detail of every post without taking time off.

Pay for advertising- Just like his whores, he would pay get things done.  He knows the power of money and what it can and cannot buy.  He would be so driven that he would shell out piles of money to get his site known.  In real life he uses money to make the women keep quiet, but in the Blogosphere he uses money to be loud.

Sweet talk through Email or Direct Message – Although he will have  excellent content, he will market and persuade readers  using methods other than public content.  He will email other blogs about his product.  He will do some link exchanging with pretty blogs.

Tell his readers he writes what he means but in actuality he’s just building a credible reputation to get better press.  If he had a personal financial blog he would write about how he has zero debt but there’s a $45,000 credit card statement next to his keyboard.

Join adultfriendfinder- To get his fix in he would chat it up with skanky women online while his wife is picking up the kids from school.  Tiger the professional blogger would find time to build some great relationships online with women he just met.  They would think they are the only one but they only see one room through the web cam.

Have a buddy run his porn site – There are rumors circulating that Tiger had someone book hotels and coordinate get togethers for him.  As a webmaster, Tiger would have a high profiled blog but run a scam or porn site on the side.  He wouldn’t manage it, his name wouldn’t be attached to it, he would just put the money as an investment and see a return on it.

If Tiger Woods were a Professional Blogger he would be ranked #1 in Technorati.  He would be sitting pretty raking in hundreds of thousands per day.  His wife would find out about his porn site and leave him.

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