Feature Friday Template: Thesis

Feature Friday Template: Thesis

If you’re looking for a highly customizable, SEO friendly, community supported theme then Thesis is the write theme for you.  Its one of the sought after themes by many webmasters.  Just check out these sites that use Thesis as their theme.  The great thing about this theme is that it will never be outdated, with the customizable features it will adapt with the future.  Your $87 for this theme will go along way and it is a wonderful investment for any Blogger or Webmaster.

Thesis Demo Site — See the Thesis Theme in action!

What makes is so special?

  • The creators of this theme and I’ve also heard that Thesis has the best SEO of any theme.  It has an expertly coded HTML+PHP+CSS framework.
  • It’s highly customizable, you have so much control over how the layout appears; you don’t even need to code!  You can make your blog into 1,2 or 3 columns with practically any color on the chart.
  • Typography is terrific. The way the spacing and the font appears on the page is second to none.
  • Support. There are alot of sites that teach you how to customize and work the Thesis theme.  There’s probably more support for this theme than any other.  There’s also a great forum for support and ideas.
  • New features. The lead developer, Chris Pearson is constantly making updates to this great theme.
  • Loads faster than other themes. This is important because a slow site means the possibility of someone hitting the back button.
  • Upgrades are free.  This is just a bonus, but with the constant upgrades DIY Themes do, they throw it in free.

If you want to check out the video of this theme click here.

Thesis Gallery Showcase — See killer customizations from around the Thesis community!

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