Feature Friday Template: Design Showcase

Feature Friday Template: Design Showcase

Continuing our little tradition of bringing you the very best templates each week, I bring to you great pleasure in this week’s template…”Design Showcase.”  I try to mix it up with different styles of themes each week and this time is no different.  Design Showcase is a WordPress theme that showcases images in an orderly fashion.  It allows your audience to rate each photo.  This is a wonderful theme for community building.  If your thinking about starting a site to showcase other talents then this is a theme you should consider.  A type of site that this theme is suitable for would be a showcase of logos and where people can vote depending on how much they like it.

Design Showcase comes with 3 widgets (advertising, front page login, sidebar widget for displaying off topic news).  For more info about the placement of the widgets visit their site.  Other rich features include:

  • Breadcrumb navigation with nested page/category support
  • CSS Drowpdown Menu enhanced with jQuery
  • Gravatar Support
  • Comments of Post Author and admin are highlighted
  • Seperation of comments and trackbacks
  • PSD for logo and Buttons included: the text is made out of layer styles and fully editable so you can easly change the name of the site.
  • Valid HTML /CSS works in every major browser (Firefox 2+3, IE6 , 7, Safari, Opera)
  • All Javascript options a really unobtrusive: if javascript is turned off no dead anchor links or similar remainders will be displayed

The theme will only cost you $30 to purchase.  If you want to check out the demo or purchase it click here!

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