Basic HTML Codes For Your Blog

Basic HTML Codes For Your Blog

If your looking to make minor fixes to your WordPress or Blogger templates or posts you’ll find that you may need to know basic HTML.  HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Landguage.  It is a computer language that enables people to create websites.  HTML is a series of short codes used to make up an object people see in their internet browser.  Although you don’t need to know HTML to use WordPress or Blogger, it will help if you need to make changes that already made templates can’t do.

Basic HTML document structure:

<title>Your Page Title</title>

This is where you put the HTML codes of everything you want to be seen (text and graphics) through a browser.


<html>: where the document begins
<head>: contains information (title, meta and style tags)  pertaining to the page.
<title>Your Page Title</title>: Title of your page, just replace “Your Page Title” with whatever your title is.
</head>: closes the <head> tag
<body>: begins where the text and other html codes you want to see visually go.
</body>: ends the text and html codes
</html>: closes the html document

Above is the basic format in order to structure an entire page.  We move onto the HTML codes to put in the body of your page.

Largest Heading: <h1>heading</h1>
Smallest Heading: <h6>heading</h6> (if you want a size in between just replace the #’s)

Paragraph: <p>paragraph</p>
Align Paragraph: <p align=”left”>

line break: <br>

Insert link: <a href=””>Theme Today</a>

Insert Image: <img src=”theme.jpg” width=”150″ height=”150″ border=”0″ alt=text of image insert here”/>

font size: <font size=”12″></font>
font color: <font color=”blue”></font>
bold text: <b>text</b>
italic text: <i>text</i>

background color: <body bgcolor=”blue”>

I suggest you go to W3Schools if you want to practice HTML.  This site will show you visually how your HTML codes come out like.

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