Eye Brush sets for Photoshop

Eye Brushes can be used for different illustrations and emotions . An artist can use them to express love and he can also make you cry with eyes looks .We have already shared one post on this topic and if you are new here than you can check my previous collection here – Photoshop eye brushes collection .

Today I will again share some amazing Eye Brush sets and you can download them from given sources . If you find any problem while downloading then post about it in comments . I will sure try to help you on that topic .

1. Anime eye Brush :- This is second eye brush pack from Squex . This pack contains 5+ different color brushes .


2. Rain’s Eye Brushes :- This pack contains 10+ brushes and according to designer bunch of these eyes are Gerard Way’s and he has such fascinating eyes . He suggest you to look at the titles of these brushes too . I hope experts must have seen what these eyes are trying to say .


3. Large Eye Brushes :- This pack contains 8 large brushes and designer was inspired from stock exchange images .


4. Male Anime Eyes Brushes :- This pack contains 99 brushes with 17 variations x 3 expressions x 2 eyes each (left and right) .


5. Photoshop eye brush :- This pack contains 15 brushes for psp users .


6. Ptite Ouch’s eyes brushes :- This pack contains 9 brushes made with photoshop elements 3 but compatible with others versions .


7. Anime Eyes Photoshop Brushes 2 :- This pack contains 15 brushes in anime style .


8. Methylates Eye Brushes :- This pack contains 8+ brushes and 10 high quality images in 6mbs size .