Free heart brushes collection for photoshop designers

Last time I was not at my home and that’s why I was able to share only 5 heart brushes packs but now I have collected few more from my old database and I will share 200+ Brushes in this post . But if you are new here and looking for more heart photoshop brushes than you can check my two old collection here – 100+ heart photoshop brushes and second heart brushes collection .

1. Hand Drawn Brushes :- This pack contains 16 hand drawn heart brushes . Pack contains all popular heart designs which can be used for love themes .


2. Theme Heart Photoshop :- This pack contains 11 brushes and they are really large in size .


3. Theme Heart Photoshop 2 :- This is a second brush pack from same creator and it contains 26 brushes and they are really large in size .


4. Theme Hearts 3 :- This pack contains 13 brushes and they are really large .


All four packs we shared above are created by Seiyastock and you check check his more work from given link .

5. Love Brushes :- This brush pack contains 25 brushes set and you can use them free . In below given image you can check heart shapes you will get in this pack .


6. Tribal Heart Brushes :- This brush pack contains 10+ brushes and they can be used for tattoo designs . Designer says that he spent ages on it and this is his best brush sets . I will say thanks for that buddy .


7. Love – Hearts Brushes :- This brush pack contains 50+ brushes and they can be used for any good love theme or happy moment .


8. Heart Brushes :- Designer used Photoshop 7.0 to make them . This pack is simple but very effectful and download by 6,902 designers .


9. Tattoo Heart Brushes :- Here is another pack for heart tattoo designers . Designer created them using Paint Shop Pro XI .


10. Mixed Heart Brushes :- This pack contains 15 brushes with abr for PS7 . Designer added image pack inside it to .


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