Post more than 140 characters on with Twitzer

Twitter users are increasing day by day and now everybody is twetting on it . I have seen few small children as well as some grandmothers also . Everybody wants to stay contected with their loved ones and so they keep updating their latest status also . I am in bathroom to I am sleeping etc . But what to do if you have long message but twitter is not allowing you to post more than 140 characters in single tweet . If you are using firefox browser than you can solve this problem easily by using Twitzer Firefox extension .


Twitzer is a small Firefox extension by which you can post more than 140 characters in your messages on . In twitter when we post any link from browser tools or others tools than they get converted into TinyURL and many users stay away from such links . Best part of this Firefox extension is that with this tool you can convert links to actual links and we don’t have to waste time by visiting same site or spam links . If you want to download this extension and want for information how this tool works than go here – Twitter long text v1.3

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